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Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners join with other partners in a mailing list and web services, and are able to take part in the wider collaboration and consultation work on repository issues within the project. It is felt that Affiliate Partners strengthen SHERPA and provide mutual benefit for all parties. The SHERPA Management Group welcome applications, as below.

Criteria for Affiliate Partners

Prospective SHERPA Affiliates are asked to sign-up to the aims below. These aims have been kept brief so that they are not unreasonably demanding, but encapsulate the basic aims of SHERPA as they apply to individual institutions.

Affiliated Partners should:

We ask that prospective Affiliate Partners supply a document which outlines the work that the institution is doing to in pursuit of such aims and the internal agreements or policies which have been put in place to support this. These "four pillars" of SHERPA can be used as advocacy within institutions, by providing a framework to raise the issue of Open Access repositories and initiate discussion at senior levels of management.

Prospective SHERPA Affiliates are invited to approach the Project Director in the first instance to discuss the possibility of joining SHERPA.

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