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Wellcome Trust announce open access policy.

The Wellcome Trust's widely anticipated decision to require grant recipient to deposit their articles in an open access repository has now been released (May 19th). This announcement has now confirmed the principle elements of the policy, which are to require (and not request) deposition of research which has been funded by the Trust and to do so within 6 months of publication. This will mean that around 3,500 articles per year will be made freely accessible. The Wellcome Trust is setting up its own repository to house the material. This decision has attracted some criticism from some open access advocates, who see the requirement to use this repository as unnecessary. It seems the Wellcome Trust is simply doing this to ensure that there is a repository available so that the policy support infrastructure is in place. Of course, once the material is openly accessible with a guaranteed future, then its actual location is immaterial. More on the Wellcome Trust policy is available through their press release.

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