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THES Article on SHERPA

SHERPA is pleased to note that it has received coverage of its work and its expansion with new Associate Partners in the national press, with an article in the Times Higher Education Supplement of 16th January 2004.

Due to some misunderstanding, the THES article has characterised the SHERPA project as a Open Access Service Provider, set up to provide search facilities for Open Access repositories. In fact, SHERPA is working to build institutional repositories - not to provide a cross-institutional search engine. The Open Access search facilities alluded to in the article are provided by a number of Service Providers, giving access to over 500,000 academic papers in such repositories as arXiv, CogPrints, rePec and other subject-based and institutional archives.

A list of such Service Providers is available from the Open Archives Initiative and lists and descriptions of such open-access repositories are also available from OpCit.

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