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Repository Staff and Skills Set

Wednesday 26th August 2009

SHERPA would like to thank the SHERPA partners and UKCoRR members for their contributions and suggestions for the 2009 revision of the Repository Staff and Skills Set document.

The original document was developed in response to requests the SHERPA core team received for examples of repository job descriptions. The content of the 2009 version is largely unchanged with the main additions being advice on how the document can be used in planning hosted repositories and in the addition of a link to the JISC Recruitment Toolkit released earlier this year.

The original Staff and Skill Set document was not designed to describe the skills set required of a particular repository post but rather is a list of the entire set of skills, knowledge and abilities required for the development and management of a successful institutional repository. Due to requests from the community we provide here a generic job description of a technical repository post. This description was development from actual job advertisements and using advice and templates from the JISC Recruitment Toolkit.

The concise nature of the document continues to be popular and feedback from the community shows that it has been used to develop job descriptions, plan repository development and staffing, seek funding from institutions, renegotiate salaries/job profiles and regrading and in identifying skill gaps and areas for staff training.

Although primarily aimed at the UK repository community, it has also proved useful to the repository community and projects in Australia, Spain and Ireland.

The document can be found under the SHERPA site's Guidance & Advocacy page ( or directly accessed following this link.

We hope this will be helpful to the repository community and welcome you comments and suggestions for improvement.

Mary Robinson, SHERPA European Development Officer


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