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SHERPA/RoMEO API V.1 now switched off!

SHERPA announced in Summer 2009 that the oldest version of the RoMEO API - version 1.1 - would be switched off at the end of 2009. This has now happened.

Although we made sustained efforts to warn everyone who was using Version 1.1 that they needed to upgrade to Version 2.4, our usage logs show that a number of organisations have continued to use the obsolete version. To minimise the problems these users may encounter, calls to RoMEO API V.1.1 will be automatically redirected to V.2.4 until the end of March 2010.

There are minor differences in the XML data returned by the two versions of the API, but the key data elements are the same. Existing applications that use V.1.1 may therefore continue to work - or not - depending on how the XML is being handled.

Version 1.1 will be deleted entirely on the 1st April 2010, so any applications still using it after then will fail.

Now is positively the last opportunity for people to upgrade. If you still need technical advice on upgrading, please see the API documentation at, or contact Peter Millington directly.

20 October 2009

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