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New SHERPA/RoMEO list launched

SHERPA is pleased to announce from 2nd April 2004, the launch of the updated SHERPA/RoMEO list, which details the copyright transfer conditions of a cross-section of academic publishers. The list is intended for use by academic authors or service staff who are archiving eprints, as a guide to what a publisher's copyright transfer agreement (CTA) form allows. The list can be consulted to find out what rights for archiving eprints are assigned or retained by the author as part of a publisher's CTA.

This takes over from the original and well-received RoMEO Project list of publisher's policies. The SHERPA project is now hosting the list and has made some updates and changes. Each publisher's permissions, conditions or restrictions are identified separately, along with a link through to any online information given by the publisher. Ticks, crosses and question marks have been used to give a clear summary on the rights granted as part of each publisher's agreement. Overall, there are four main possible publisher policies, all materially different in terms of what can or cannot be self-archived. Each listing has been assigned a colour-code, as in the original RoMEO list, as a summary of the publisher's overall permissions. Thus, a publisher that allows posting of pre-prints only is noted as "yellow". The publisher allowing posting of post-prints only is "blue", while publishers allowing posting of both pre-and post-prints are "green". The publisher that allow no archiving rights to their authors are coded "white".

There is an on-line suggestion form for users to contribute corrections, updates and changes, as well as a similar on-line form for users to suggest new publishers.

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