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Report on preservation of eprints released

A report has been released on the preservation of eprints - Requirements and Feasibility Study on Preservation of eprints - Consultation Draft.
Work on eprint repositories in the wider academic community so far has tended to focus on advocacy for the idea and the setting up and population of repositories. However, if these repositories are going to fulfil a role as a point of record of material, and are to be regarded as a stable resource for the future, then there are many preservation issues which need to be addressed. As part of this work, which SHERPA will be addressing in detail over the course of the project, a report has been written on these preservation issues by Sheila Anderson and Hamish James, Arts and Humanities Research Board; Stephen Pinfield, SHERPA Project Director, Nottingham University and Raivo Ruusalepp, Estonian Business Archives.

The report provides draft recommendations for further research which will inform the work of SHERPA amongst others, together with recommendations for the development of services and tools to support long-term eprint preservation. This report is available from the JISC site.

This has currently been released by JISC as a draft report for consultation. Comments are requested by 30th June 2003 and should be sent to:

Hamish James,
Collections Manager
Arts and Humanities Data Service
75-79 York Road (8th Floor)
King's College


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