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UNDIP Institutional Repository has become the 1500th repository to be listed in OpenDOAR.

The Centre for Research Communications is delighted to welcome UNDIP Institutional Repository (, as the 1500th repository listed in OpenDOAR.

OpenDOAR was formed in 2006, and has steadily grown as a result of suggestions from the repository community and service users. OpenDOAR has increased between 200 and 300 new repositories every year since its creation.

About OpenDOAR
OpenDOAR provides a quality-assured global directory of freely available open access repositories that hold full-text research material.

In addition it proffers a range of tools that builds upon this underlying infrastructure including a custom search engine based on its directory holdings, a repository policy generation tool, and an email distribution service - allowing service providers and developers to reach hundreds of repository officers around the world.

A key feature of OpenDOAR is that all of the repositories we list have been visited by project staff, tested and assessed by hand. We currently decline about a quarter of candidate sites as being broken, empty, out of scope, etc. This gives a far higher quality assurance to the listings we hold than results gathered by automatic harvesting alone.



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20 October 2009

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