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JULIET has been upgraded -- now includes Funders' Data and Open Access Journal Policies

SHERPA is proud to announce a new version of its JULIET service, which has been redeveloped to include information on research funders' policies on open access data archiving and open access publishing.

Supported by CURL, SHERPA has now upgraded JULIET to include information on requirements for the open access archiving of data as part of funding agreements. JULIET was first set up in 2006 to provide clear summaries of the requirements for academics to archive research outputs in open access repositories. Since then, increasing numbers of funders have added open access archiving requirements to their grants, and these have been tracked by JULIET.

Such requirements reflect the great advantages of open access archiving -- increased readership and use of research outputs. Making research articles openly accessible increases the value of the research that funders support.

Now the same advantages are being promoted for unpublished research data. Many funders have developed policies to make open access archiving of research data a requirement of project funding. The intention is to allow open access to the research data, to enable re-examination, re-use, and advanced research techniques like data mining for meta-analyses.

As part of its redevelopment, JULIET now also separately summarises open access publication policies. These deal with some funders' requirements for their research to be published in open access journals -- journals which are free to readers.

JULIET gives summaries of all of these policies so that academic researchers and others can clearly see what is required by each funder. The service allows comparison of policies across funders, and evaluates the policies against open access ideals.

JULIET is used internationally and is widely recognized as part of the essential support infrastructure of the open access environment. JULIET is part of a suite of open access services produced and maintained by SHERPA which include RoMEO and OpenDOAR.

Further information on JULIET, SHERPA, and its other services, please see the SHERPA website






3rd March 2008


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