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New book on institutional repositories

A new book called "The Institutional Repository" has been written by colleagues from the Universities of Edinburgh and Bergen, looking at the establishment and development of institutional repositories from the viewpoint of practical experience.

Quoting from its synopsis:
"This book discusses the concept of the Institutional Repository (IR) and examines how they can be set up, maintained and embedded into general institutional working practice. Specific reference is made to capturing certain types of research material such as E-Theses and E-Prints and what the issues are with regard to obtaining the material, ensuring that all legal grounds are covered and then storing the material in perpetuity."

The book looks at workflows and administrative processes and the different models for these that currently exist. All of the authors have been instrumental in the establishment and development of the repository at the University of Edinburgh and have played a part in the SHERPA project. With this experience, they are well placed to write about the practical issues associated with repository use. The book takes the establishment of the Edinburgh repository, ERA, as a case study, which exposes real issues and shows the practical development of a successful repository.

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