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The topic of open access to research continues to occupy The Guardian

The topic of open access to research material continues to feature in The Guardian newspaper.
On Monday 6th October, David Adam wrote a close-to-full page article about the launch of the open-access journal "PLoS Biology" from the Public Library of Science. This was followed by four letters from readers on Tuesday 7th. Then Michael Eisen, a co-founder of the Public Library of Science, wrote a full-page article for the "On-Line" supplement on Thursday, 9th October, which reviewed the rationale behind open-access journals. In the same issue, a further five letters were published, including one from SHERPA Project Director Stephen Pinfield which mentioned SHERPA and the alternative open-access paths that exist apart from the route taken by Public Library of Science.

On Monday 13th October, the launch date of PLoS Biology, comment on open access was made in the Leader section (the editorial).
In addition, there were another three letters from readers on the topic: it is interesting and cheering to see the response, even if the focus is on open-access journals, rather than eprint repositories.

The archives of this material can be found on The Guardian site, searching using the term "open access".

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