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JISC announce FAIR funding for scholarly communication projects

"The Joint Information Systems Committee is delighted to announce the successful bids under the Focus on Access to Institutional Resources (FAIR) call for proposals. Fourteen projects will begin work in August; they comprise partnerships between more than 50 institutions and teams and involve universities, libraries, JISC services, art galleries, colleges, museums and commercial companies."

"The FAIR programme will contribute to developing the mechanisms and supporting services to allow the submission and sharing of content generated by the HE/FE community. Projects are clustered around the core areas of Museums and Images, E-Prints, E-Theses, Intellectual Property Rights and Institutional Portals. The 5 clusters will be managed by the JISC Development Team and the new FAIR Advisory Board (FAB)."

For details of the successful projects and the consortia who will be running them, please go to:


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