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European Report on Open Access to Scientific Publications

The European Commission has released its report "Study on the Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets in Europe". See:

The report makes significant recommendations around the idea of guaranteeing public access to publicly-funded research from the time of publication and then in the long-term. It talks about OA archiving possibly becoming a condition of funding, and proposes that a European-level mandate for archiving could be developed.

Although these are just recommendations, this report is of significance in several ways. It is another wide-ranging and non-partisan report that has come out in favour of Open Access principles and solutions. The report looks at scholarly communication from a supra-national basis independent of particular national commercial interests. It offers a pan-European perspective on access to research materials which may well influence further European work and thinking.

If this affects future funding for infrastructure development or policy development at a national or European level this could be very significant. It is also gratifying that both SHERPA/RoMEO and OpenDOAR services are both recognised and quoted within the report.

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