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Open Access Repositories initiative from down under

And even more support for Open Access!
Australian universities and institutes have been given the substantial funding of $AUD 12,000,000 for a programme to look at the use of digital assets and their management, with the aim of improving Australia's abilities to take part and lead in national and international research. One of the four major projects is called ARROW - Australian Research Repositories Online to the World - which will examine the support of institutional repositories holding e-prints, digital theses and electronic publishing. In the first instance, ARROW will be involve repositories in four partner institutions, but will go on to expand across the higher-education sector, facilitating interoperability and promoting joint standards for repository use. The lead partner is Monash University, with other partners the University of New South Wales, Swinburne University of Technology, and the National Library of Australia. In a similar way to the British Library within SHERPA, the National Library of Australia (NLA) will develop a repository to support independent scholars not associated with institutions.

Further information can be found through this Media Release.

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