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The Repository Fringe

Wednesday 28th May 2008

Come and join in Edinburgh's newest and entirely unofficial festival!

The Repository Fringe will be held at the University of Edinburgh, on Thursday 31st July - Friday 1st August 2008

Research data, social networking, bibliographic services or desktop integration? Whatever your interest and problems, come and
• brainstorm new and emerging repository issues
• generate new ideas, new perspectives, new ways forward and new demos
• show off some new project results
• meet up with repository managers, administrators, librarians and developers.

In the spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Repository Fringe will be run in an informal way, with the agenda determined by the participants in the style of an Unconference. Inspired by the recent Developer Challenge at OR08 this is another opportunity to get rapid cross-platform development happening with some of the most talented repository developers in the world!

The Repository Fringe is (unofficially) co-located with the Edinburgh Fringe's "Preview Week" when comedy, theatre, music, opera and dance acts are starting up with many at half price. Accommodation has been reserved and can be booked by individuals for the Friday/Saturday night to take advantage of a weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Expected Cost: about £70 covering of Thursday night accommodation, lunches and refreshments. Wednesday, Friday & Saturday night accommodation is also available.

IMPORTANT: SPACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED: please visit the event website for details of how to register

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