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Norsk RoMEO

The RoMEO team met visitors from Norway on the 5th May to discuss a data sharing partnership.

Norsk RoMEO visitors with the SHERPA RoMEO team.
Norwegian RoMEO visitors with the SHERPA RoMEO team

Jan Erik Frantsvåg (Universitet i Tromsø), Ingrid Cutler (Universitet i Bergen), and Arild Skalmeraas (Høgskolen i Telemark) have been granted funding to gather information on the self-archiving rights policies of Norwegian publishers for addition to RoMEO.

RoMEO staff - Jane H Smith and Peter Millington - briefed the visitors on the management of the RoMEO database, and discussed ways in which we could work together. They also outlined plans for RoMEO over the forthcoming year, which include the development of international partnerships, and the creation of non-English language versions of RoMEO.

Peter Millington, SHERPA Technical Development Officer

7 May 2010

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